Compulsory Redundancy Advice for Employers

Whatever the business driver behind redundancy, employers must in all cases follow a fair and transparent procedure when making someone redundant. In this guide for employers, we explain the process you need to follow when making compulsory redundancies.   What is compulsory redundancy? A redundancy situation is where you terminate an employee’s contract of employment because you no […]

Employee Signed Off Work with Stress?

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Stress-related sickness absence has become increasingly prevalent in the workplace. Employers face a balancing act between supporting their employees’ wellbeing while minimising the risk of operational disruption and impact on other employees resulting from individuals being signed off work with stress. The following guide examines the rights and responsibilities of employees who are absent due […]

How to Check Someone’s Immigration Status

Foreign nationals must hold valid immigration status to be able to live and work legally in the UK. Employers are required by law to verify the immigration status of all workers or face Home Office enforcement action. In this guide, we look at how to check someone’s immigration status before you hire them, when further […]