List B Documents & Right to Work Follow Up Checks

As a UK employer, under the illegal working regime, you are not only required to conduct right to work checks on all new-starters, but also on any existing staff with a time-limited right to work in the UK. These are commonly referred to as follow up checks. An individual’s immigration status will dictate how they […]

When Can You Replace a Redundant Position?

What if your organisation’s needs or circumstances change after making redundancies? You may want to recruit for a role that had previously been made redundant, or you may look to rehire someone who you had already let go through redundancy. Are you allowed to replace a redundant position? In this guide, we explain the key […]

Mobile Phone Policy At Work

Mobile phones at work can easily become an unwanted distraction and have a negative impact on productivity. When employees are spending too much time on their device, it’s likely they’re wasting their working hours and creating other issues, such as underperforming and encouraging others to use their phones during work too. But employers cannot ignore […]