Rest Breaks at Work (Employers’ Guide)

The rules on taking breaks at work are covered by the Working Time Regulations 1998 and your employee’s own contract of employment. Whether or not these breaks are paid is entirely your decision as the employer, and should be stated in the employee’s contract. Most employees have a right to a break of twenty minutes […]

Dealing with Gross Misconduct at Work

gross misconduct

Gross misconduct refers to conduct, actions or behaviour from an employee that is sufficiently serious to justify instant dismissal. Responding to allegations of gross misconduct and taking disciplinary action against an employee is fraught with legal risk. While it may be instinctive in some circumstances to dismiss an employee immediately as a result of gross […]

Recording Conversations at Work (HR Guide)

Is making a covert recording in the workplace sufficiently serious to justify disciplinary action or even instant dismissal? As the likelihood and occurrence of secret recordings in the workplace grows with the prevalence of technology, it has become good risk management practice for employers to take pre-emptive measures to deter secret recordings and to provide […]