Top 6 Business Travel Risks for Employees

Business Travel Risks

In a globalised market place, sending employees abroad has become an essential part of business. Global mobility policies, designed to manage business travel risks and ensure that a trip runs smoothly, are equally essential. The mechanics of international business travel have become so easy: pack your suit, don’t forget your passport and, before you know […]

Business Travel Compliance Risk (Travelling Employees!)

Business Travel Compliance Risk

International business travellers are the biggest cause of immigration compliance risk for organisations. Although they typically make up the largest proportion of an organisation’s global movement, the reality is, this cohort tends to fall under the radar of internal global mobility policies and programmes, meaning their movements are neither measured, nor monitored nor managed for […]

How to Manage Recruitment Immigration Risks

UK employers face increasing recruitment immigration risks when hiring non-UK nationals  Between July – September 2016 alone, UKVI issued £10.2million in fines to UK employers for illegal working. For employers, the option of recruiting from the global talent market can be critical to maintaining operations and, importantly, competitive advantage.   But the penalties for employing illegal workers and […]

Immigration Compliance – A Measure of Success

Top tips for measuring immigration compliance cost, return and performance levels There is clearly value to any organisation of avoiding non-compliance with its immigration duties and the resulting consequences – civil penalties, operational disruption, reputational harm. Beyond this, in support of demonstrating value and return on a wider global mobility programme, immigration compliance offers significant […]

Managing Mobility Costs and Compliance

Mobility Costs and Compliance

The challenging economic environment has put pressure on businesses to explore new ways of facilitating overseas assignments with reduced mobility costs. Global mobility teams have been tasked with lowering their costs, just as other organisational functions have. But they have to do this while maintaining standards such as immigration compliance, and continuing to derive value […]

Marrying an EU Citizen in the UK (Spouse Status?)

If you are a British national or have UK settled status and are planning to marry an EU citizen in the UK, it will be important to understand the immigration status of your new spouse. The following guide provides an overview of the position for UK and EU nationals getting married in the UK, including […]

7 ways HR can help employees repatriate

7 ways HR can help employees repatriate

Multinational organisations often need to deploy employees, particularly highly skilled workers, temporarily overseas to utilise their expertise or fill a skills gap. However, on return to their home country, it’s surprisingly common for employees to experience a reverse culture shock and feelings of loss for their host country. This is believed to be the main […]

3 Ways Global Mobility Should Deliver Organisational Value

3 Ways Global Mobility Should Deliver Organisational Value

Competition for best talent continues to intensify on a global scale, against a backdrop of changing travel restrictions and increasingly stringent immigration policy. As such, organisations are more reliant than ever on global mobility functions to help navigate the environmental challenges and meet their people needs. We look at three key areas where global mobility […]

Improving Global Mobility Efficiency

Global mobility leaders, much like the rest of the business community, are under continued pressure to deliver operational efficiencies and make cost savings. But improving global mobility efficiency translates into benefits beyond cost reductions. Enhanced operational precision and accuracy creates more robust compliance practices, and alleviating demands on mobility professionals’ time enables focus on strategic […]