Sponsor Licence Renewal

Under the Points Based System UK employers have to be licensed by UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) before they can employ non-EEA workers. Sponsor licences are granted for an initial period of four years and those companies which are completing the four-year sponsor cycle and who wish to continue employing migrant workers are now required to renew their licence.

What do employers have to do?

Companies have to submit a sponsor licence renewal application via the online Sponsor Management System. The UKVI advises that renewal applications can be submitted at least three months prior to the current licence expiry date, and a nominated Level 1 User should be able to pay an appropriate fee, complete a sponsor declaration and request renewal online.

As part of the sponsor licence renewal process, the UKVI reserves a right to undertake a compliance visit to sponsor companies and request corporate documentation as deemed necessary.

Your organisation should undertake proactive steps to ensure readiness for this process:

  • ensure that your organisation continues meeting sponsorship duties, including maintenance of records for migrant workers, carrying out necessary compliance checks on your staff and timely reporting migrant activities to UKVI;
  • make necessary changes to your sponsor licence before an extension application is lodged with the UKVI; and
  • ensure that licence management to date has been compliant and that the application for renewal is accurate, timely and effective.

What we can do to help

DavidsonMorris can provide clients with a complete employer sponsorship licence application package which includes:

  • Assisting with initial considerations as to the type of sponsorship application and suitable key personnel
  • Help you to collate the appropriate supporting documentation
  • Audit your HR systems and procedures to get them in order before the UKVI visit

Our team of UK immigration specialists is well-versed in all the document and evidentiary requirements that can be vital to a prompt and successful application.  We are also happy to support you in renewing your licence and managing the information the Home Office requires to be notified of during the duration that you hold the licence.

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Did you know that 15% of sponsor licence renewal applications are refused?

Many of the reasons for refusal are:

  • failure to pass a UKVI compliance audit
  • failure to have retained the required documentation on sponsored migrants
  • failure to have advised UKVI of significant changes to company structure and personnel
  • failing to respond to UKVI’s enquiries in a timely manner
  • failure to pass the ‘genuineness test’
  • failure to comply with UKVI security standards

Correctly applying to renew your organisations sponsor licence is crucial for your business operations and ability to continue to sponsor migrant workers.

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