Long Term UK Visas

There are many reasons why you might want to apply for a long term UK visa, including to work, to do business, to do a course of study or to join your relatives. Under the UK’s Immigration Rules, there are various long term visa options for those looking to come to the UK to visit, […]

Mobile Phone Policy At Work

Mobile phones at work can easily become an unwanted distraction and have a negative impact on productivity. When employees are spending too much time on their device, it’s likely they’re wasting their working hours and creating other issues, such as underperforming and encouraging others to use their phones during work too. But employers cannot ignore […]

Smoking at Work Policy

Smoking is banned in the UK inside all enclosed workplaces, workplace vehicles and public places. In England, legislation came about through the Health Act 2006, which effectively bans smoking in all enclosed workplaces and public places, with some narrow exemptions. The provisions on smoke free workplaces covers tobacco in cigarettes, pipes and cigars and herbal […]

Social Media at Work

Social media can be a highly valuable tool for marketing and client involvement for a business, but when used wrongly or maliciously, it can also be harmful to an organisation. In this guide for employers, we consider the pros and cons of using social media at work and why a social media policy is important […]

Dealing with Conflicts of Interest at Work

In this guide for employers, we consider the risks associated with conflicts of interest at work, and the steps you can take to manage conflicts of interest and to mitigate legal and commercial risk.   What are conflicts of interest at work? A conflict of interest arises where an employee’s personal interests are at odds […]

Self Certification Form: Employers’ Guide

In this guide for managers, we explain the rules on when employees can self-certify for sickness absence, the role of self-certification forms and share best practice advice on managing sickness absence at work.   Self certification Self certification gives employees the right to be off work for up to seven days of illness without having […]

Dress Code at Work: Employers’ Guide

Dress codes at work can be effective in ensuring consistency of service and to maintain high standards of appearance in the workplace. Depending on your workplace environment, there may also be health and safety requirements to consider in relation to dress codes, and in customer-facing roles, such as retail and hospitality, the dress code can […]

UK Visa Multiple Entry Rules

UK Visa Multiple Entry Rules

As a visitor to the UK, you may want to know if you’re allowed to enter the country multiple times using the same visa. In this guide to the UK standard visitor visa, we look specifically at how the UK visa multiple entry requirements work, including the express prohibition under the rules against living in […]

How to Deal with Hiring Regret

Every company, regardless of its size, industry or sector, depends on its employees to achieve its objectives, which means maintaining a productive workforce and hiring skilled talent that adds value to the team. With this in mind, making a bad hire can have serious implications, as the time and expense taken to recruit and onboard […]

Sexual Orientation Discrimination: Guide for Employers

Sexual orientation is one of the protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010. The Act protects lesbian, gay and bisexual people from direct discrimination, indirect discrimination, harassment and victimisation at work. These rules also apply to anyone who is perceived to be lesbian, gay or bisexual or experiences discrimination because they associate with gay people. These […]