Student Dependent Visa Guidance

Changes to the UK’s student dependent visa were announced in 2023, designed by the UK Government to remove the ability of international students to be accompanied by family members, except in limited circumstances. In this guide, we explain the revised rules and eligibility requirements, and detail the application process for those who do qualify as […]

Grievance Policy: What to Include

Employment Rights Act 1996: Essential Summary

Dealing with complaints from your workforce is an inevitable part of being an employer or manager. It’s critical to understand how to deal with issues properly, from small concerns to serious breaches, or you risk tribunal claims, workplace disruption and conflict, and damage to your employer brand. Likewise, employees should have confidence that any work-related complaints […]

Disciplinary Policy: What to Include

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Following fair and lawful disciplinary procedures is vital to ensure disciplinary issues are dealt with properly. If you get this wrong, you may face tribunal claims. Fundamental to any fair and compliant disciplinary procedure is the disciplinary policy. This should act as the formal reference point to ensure employees are aware of the conduct standards they […]

Annual Leave Policy: What to Include

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An annual leave policy is a critical aspect of supporting consistent and compliant management of workplace holiday entitlements. This helps to avoid grumbles or disagreements within teams and ensures workers are receiving their full entitlement to paid time off work. Without any annual leave guidelines or policy, managers and staff are likely to be unclear […]

Flexible Working Policy Guide

Flexible Working

Flexible working is the umbrella term given to any working arrangement that provides a degree of flexibility in how, when, or where an employee works. This can include remote working, flexi-time, part-time hours, job sharing, or a combination of these setups. The general goal of flexible work is to provide employees with a greater work-life balance, […]

Employment Rights Act 1996: Essential Summary

Employment Rights Act 1996: Essential Summary

The Employment Rights Act 1996 is a significant piece of legislation. When introduced, it consolidated many existing statutory obligations on employers and statutory rights of employees, from the right to employment particulars on commencing employment to the right not to be unfairly dismissed on termination of employment. In this guide, we summarise the key provisions […]

How to Deal with Last Minute Requests for Leave

Dealing with requests for annual leave is an integral part of managing people at work. This entails ensuring that all workers receive their full entitlement to paid time off each year so that the workforce is rested and motivated, while minimising operational disruption or resourcing issues. In general, the more notice someone gives to take […]

How to Adopt Continuous Feedback

Continuous feedback is increasingly becoming the norm in the workplace, driven largely by the expectations of millennial and Gen Z workers, and as employers realise the benefits in relation to enhanced workforce engagement, development and performance. In this guide, we take a practical look at why and how to adopt continuous feedback.   What is a […]

How to Manage Poor Performance

This guide on dealing with staff underperformance is for employers and managers. It explains the advantages of taking a best practice approach to managing underperformance, and how to identify, address and minimise underperformance.   Understanding underperformance Every workplace can enjoy the benefits of taking a best practice approach to managing underperformance. These may include: a […]

Menstruation Leave & Time Off For Painful Periods

While the role of the employer in supporting employees experiencing the menopause has become a key area of discussion, the issue of painful periods remains taboo in the workplace, and is yet to receive the same level attention or consideration. Menstrual symptoms can impact women severely as they attempt to perform and excel in the […]