Immigration Statistics UK 2015

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) release estimates several times across the year, on how many people are entering and leaving the country. ONS estimates are calculated from the International Passenger Survey, which is completed at UK ports with passengers passing through ports and via routes into and out of the UK. Overview ONS reported that […]

Changes to Secure English Language Testing

In 2014 severe abuse of the Secure English Language Testing system was uncovered revealing that tens of thousands of migrants had used ‘systematic cheating’ to pass their English language tests and Education Testing Service (ETS) were the centre of police investigations. Following this the Home Office set out to find alternative arrangements. Now, two providers […]

Passport Exit Checks

With effect from 8 April 2015, passengers leaving the United Kingdom (UK) by Eurostar or ferry will be subject to passport exit checks and information recorded. The Home Office has reinstated its commitments to conducting 100% exit checks for passengers leaving the UK by introducing exit checks to the Eurotunnel and ferry operators on 8 […]

UKBA 28 days grace period

*Important notice: This post was published prior to a change in immigration rules in November 2016 which removed the 28 day grace period for UK visa applications. Under the current rules (as at March 2018), where the Secretary of State considers there is a ‘good reason’ which was out of the applicant’s control that led […]

UK Visa for Family of an European National

UK Visa for Family of an European National As reported by Ian Traynor in the Guardian, the UK government cannot impose a blanket visa requirement on family members originally from outside Europe but who have valid EU residence rights, European court of justice has ruled. Concluding that the EU’s freedom of movement rules trumped British […]