SOC Codes for Skilled Worker Eligible Occupations

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Matching the role you are recruiting for with the relevant occupation code, or SOC code, is a crucial step when hiring a new sponsored worker under the Skilled Worker, Global Business Mobility or Scale Up routes. It will be important for the sponsor to allocate the correct occupation code to avoid issues with the Home […]

No Sponsor Licence Renewal Requirement From 6 April 2024

No Sponsor Licence Renewal Requirement From 6 April 2024

The requirement for UK sponsors to renew their sponsor licence every four years is being abolished from April 2024, under new Home Office rules confirmed today. UK sponsor licences due to expire on or after 6 April 2024 are now being automatically extended by 10 years. Licences that are automatically extended will not end unless […]

Authorising Officer: Compliance Guide

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When you are applying for a sponsor licence, you will be required to nominate certain key personnel to manage the sponsorship process, including an Authorising Officer. The following comprehensive guide to the Authorising Officer role looks at who can and cannot fill this position, together with a detailed account of the Authorising Officer’s responsibilities and […]