How to Sponsor a Global Business Mobility Visa Worker

sponsor global mobility worker

The Global Business Mobility (GBM) routes are designed for businesses who need to temporarily deploy individuals to the UK for a work assignment with a linked UK business that cannot be done by a settled worker. In this guide, we examine the rules and requirements that must be met to sponsor a GBM worker, together […]

Sponsor Licence Application Guide 2024

sponsor licence application

Under the UK’s immigration rules, your organisation will need a sponsor licence to hire skilled workers from overseas. To secure a UK visa sponsorship licence, you will need to commit to the gruelling Home Office application process and pay the relevant fees. The Home Office will only grant a sponsor licence to an organisation if […]

PBS Licence (Employer FAQs)

pbs licence

If you are a UK employer looking to sponsor an overseas national to work for you in the UK, you will need to apply for a sponsor licence under the UK’s points-based system (PBS). The ability to sponsor overseas workers can bring significant benefits to businesses, enabling organisations to access the pool of global talent […]

UK Expansion Worker Sponsor Licence

uk expansion worker sponsor licence

If you are looking to expand your business by establishing a branch or subsidiary in the UK, you may need an Expansion Worker Sponsor Licence that will allow you to sponsor a company representative for a UK Expansion Worker visa. The UK expansion worker route allows overseas companies to deploy senior managers or specialist employees […]

Pre Licence Priority Service for Sponsor Licence Applicants

pre licence priority service

Applying for a sponsor licence is a complex and time-consuming process. If your organisation critically needs to recruit, and perhaps already has a candidate lined up for sponsorship, time may not be on your side. In these circumstances, the option to pay for fast-tracked licence application processing can make business sense. In this guide, we […]

Sponsor Licence Cooling Off Period

sponsor licence cooling off period

Failure to meet the sponsorship requirements when applying for a sponsor licence can result in a refusal decision. Equally, even if approved for a sponsor licence, there are various ongoing sponsorship obligations that are imposed on employers, where a failure to comply with these obligations can potentially result in a revoked licence. In either scenario, […]

How Much is the Sponsor Licence Fee?

sponsor licence application fee

Sponsoring skilled overseas workers can provide your business with significant benefits, not least being able to widen the pool of talent from which to recruit the best and brightest from around the world. However, there are various costs associated with the sponsorship process that need to be factored into your overall budget when it comes […]

Immigration Skills Charge FAQs

The Immigration Skills Charge (ISC) is payable by employers each time they sponsor a worker under the Skilled Worker or the Senior or Specialist Worker visa, with limited exemptions. Since all UK employers are required to have a sponsorship licence to employ migrant workers from 1 January 2021 under certain work visa routes, the Immigration Skills Charge has […]

How To Sponsor Someone For A Work Visa

how to sponsor someone

UK-based employers will typically need to have a valid licence to sponsor someone for a work visa in the UK In this guide, we take a practical look at the rules on sponsoring overseas workers, the eligibility requirements you’ll need to meet and the process to make an application for a sponsorship licence.   What […]

Which Sponsor Licence Should You Apply For?

types of sponsor licence

With a new UK points-based immigration system having been introduced in the wake of Brexit, all UK-based businesses now usually need a sponsor licence to recruit non-UK resident workers who don’t otherwise have the requisite immigration permission to work in the UK. There are different types of sponsor licences available, depending on the type of […]