Can A Vehicle Tracker Be Used In A Disciplinary?

vehicle tracker employer rules

Vehicle tracking can help to boost the efficiency and productivity of a business, especially in monitoring a driver’s location and managing a fleet from virtually anywhere. As well as providing valuable, operational data, employers may also look to rely on vehicle tracking information as part of a disciplinary investigation. Can a vehicle tracker be used […]

Vaping At Work Rules

vaping at work

The use of e-cigarettes, or vaping, has increased in popularity over recent years. Where does this leave employers and what approach should they take to vaping at work rules? The following guide for employers on vaping at work looks at what the law says and whether employers should allow employees to use their e-cigarettes on […]

Malingering, Fake Illness & Disciplinaries

malingering fake illness sickies

If an employee is genuinely sick or injured, they are entitled to take time off work to recover. If an employer suspects an employee of malingering, and that they may not be genuinely ill or as ill as they claim, the employer can take steps to deal with the concerns. The following guide looks at […]

When to Issue a Final Written Warning?

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There are a number of obligations employers have to meet when issuing a final written warning. The following guide for employers and HR personnel looks at the steps that should be taken to avoid the potential pitfalls when issuing a final written warning, while ensuring a fair disciplinary process is followed. We also consider what […]

Termination of Employment Due To Custodial Sentence

Termination Of Employment Due To Custodial Sentence

What does it mean for an employer if one of their employees is convicted of a crime and sent to prison? In most cases, employers will jump straight to dismissal, terminating the employee’s contract, not least because the employee will no longer be available for work, but also due to associated issues such as bringing […]

Disciplinary Procedure Guide for Managers

When an employee has acted inappropriately at work or they have gone against company policy, employers can respond by taking disciplinary action. Embarking on a formal disciplinary procedure may become necessary to ensure that any unacceptable or improper behaviour at work, or poor performance matters, that cannot be resolved informally, are appropriately addressed. Regardless of […]

Employees Refusing to Return to Work Due to COVID

With the recent lifting of lockdown and public health restrictions, employers can start to plan a return to workplaces for furloughed employees or those who have been working from home. Still, some employees may have ongoing concerns about the spread of coronavirus within the workplace, refusing to return where they feel unsafe, especially if they […]