Employment Law Advice

Protect your business interests with practical employment law advice from specialist employment solicitors.


Employment law issues affect every workplace. They can happen at any time and have the potential to escalate quickly, demanding time, attention and budget to resolve.

Dealing with employment issues effectively when they arise reduces the risk of tribunal claims and fosters a positive and productive working environment.

For employers, managing disputes quickly and effectively will be of primary concern to minimise operational disruption and avoid the risk of costly and tribunal claims.

With specialist employment law advice, you can ensure your organisation has the framework in place to help manage and avoid workplace issues, mitigate legal risk exposure.

Employment law advice for employers

As a UK employer, you operate under a vast and highly changeable backdrop of employment laws and guidelines. The challenge for employers is remaining compliant with the rules against the commercial realities of operating a business and achieving your commercial goals.

With our employment law advice service, you can benefit from:

  • Proactive legal risk management through planning strategies, training, policy documentation & infrastructure
  • Unlimited employment law advice and access to our employment solicitors
  • Tribunal representation and defence strategy in the event a claim is litigated
  • Employment law training through our programme of webinars, e-learning and bespoke onsite training aimed at managers, HR and non-HR personnel.


We advocate taking early legal advice to avoid employment disputes, or find early resolution.

Where a dispute with an employee arises, we can support at every stage, from all preliminary stages through to any litigation process.

For most employers, a positive outcome for a workplace dispute will be fast and fair resolution, with minimal impact on finances, operations and reputation.

We work closely with clients to assess the merits of any potential employment law claim, drafting and negotiating settlement agreements to help bring disputes to an early resolution. Where compromise or conciliation is not achievable, we have specialist expertise in handling employment tribunal claims.


Employment law expertise

Sickness absence
Advice on managing sickness absence and all associated issues including disciplinary action and return to work support.

Grievances at work require careful and decisive handling. We support employers in developing internal procedures and policies to support effective management of employee complaints.

We advise employers on all legal issues relating to employee conduct and behaviour.

Employers have to follow strict guidelines when taking disciplinary action against employees.

Flexible working
A fast-developing and increasingly common feature in today’s workplace, but many employers remain uncertain about their obligations and their employees’ rights.

We guide employers through the difficult and challenging redundancy process.

Maternity & paternity leave
How to meet your obligations to support your employees and avoid discrimination claims.

Employment tribunals
Where a dispute cannot be resolved and tribunal proceedings are started, we offer specialist litigation expertise and tribunal representation.


Need employment law advice? We can help

We support UK employers across the entire employee lifecycle through our specialist employment law advice service.

Employers throughout the UK, including UK-based multinationals, household name brands and SMEs, rely on employment law advice from our specialists.

We provide ongoing employment law advice, guidance and representation on all aspects impacting people management and employment legal risk management.

We provide support to HR teams, line managers and business owners on a fixed-fee basis, acting as the first port of call when a query or issue arises.

We will build a bespoke package with pricing to suit the specific needs of your business and budget, which could include:

  • Unlimited free employment law advice from a dedicated employment solicitor
  • Review of employment contracts & documents
  • Access to document & letter precedents
  • Handling employee queries


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