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As employer solutions lawyers, we provide strategic consultancy and managed services that ensure that businesses and HR practices are both fully compliant with legal requirements and effective in meeting people-led business objectives.

DavidsonMorris client experience

Our mission is to constantly innovate the provision of immigration legal services to make immigration and global mobility possible for our clients.

In our highly connected world, global mobility has become a key business enabler.

Global mobility offers the ability for companies to mobilise talent internationally to expand reach and operations for competitive advantage.

In this fast-paced environment, companies need an immigration adviser that understands the global landscape and rapidly responds to employers’ changing needs.

It is our expert insight into UK immigration rules and Home Office protocol, combined with our collaborative client approach, that differentiates us.

We will strive to truly understand your needs, your strategies and your aspirations, both business and personal.

We will bring our expert local and global knowledge to benefit your organisation, ensuring your global mobility programme delivers the value and strategic contribution.


To meet the international nature of our clients’ immigration needs, members of our team travel overseas on a frequent basis to attend Consular interviews with clients, progress visa applications and present at international conferences.

More locally, we worked all over the UK meeting clients, conducting mock compliance audits, presenting at breakfast meetings and conferences and hosting surgeries at client sites.

Delivering excellence for our clients

At DavidsonMorris our approach is to build long-term relationships with our clients with an unwavering commitment to delivering excellent client care.

We aim to provide high quality and professional immigration services and expect our staff to be approachable, courteous and well informed about current immigration matters and future developments, to act with integrity and honesty and to provide accurate and timely information.

We aim to meet the requirements of our clients by regularly seeking to establish and understand their needs and by seeking their views on the quality of our immigration services.

We operate a Client Development Programme
on a firm wide basis to measure the satisfaction and value we are delivering to each of our

We seek to continuously improve our immigration services and efficiency, particularly through the use of appropriate technologies.

Our policies reflect the SRA Code of Conduct 2011, the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner Code of Standards and, in the case of employees who are members of any other professional bodies, guidelines published by those bodies.

All DavidsonMorris employees are trained in professional ethics and are required to conduct themselves and their work in accordance with the firm’s ethical policies. These cover DavidsonMorris’ commitment to fundamental ethical principles. We also have in place systems to identify conflicts of interest and guidance on how to manage these if they should arise.

Providing value for money

Integral to our service is our approach to providing value for money.

As well as providing competitive and fixed fee pricing we also operate with economy, efficiency and effectiveness in all that we do.

As part of our service, we also provide:

  • Regular update meetings. We are committed to having regular catch-up meetings to ensure you are happy with service delivery and how we are partnering with your team.
  • Training. We provide regular training programmes and webinar updates which are available at no additional charge.
  • Bulletins. Regular e-shot bulletins will be provided to the relevant teams on important statutory and case law developments.

We participate in Home Office Select Committee conferences specific to immigration. Our clients benefit from our involvement with policy and decision-makers, by being kept up to date with the prevalent issues the sector faces at all levels.

DavidsonMorris is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

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