Exceptional Talent Visa (Application Guide)

The Exceptional Talent Visa has now closed to new applicants, and has been replaced by the Global Talent Visa. The new route remains focused on those with exceptional talent, with a number of enhancements on its predecessor designed to appeal to the ‘brightest and best’ across the globe. This includes lifting the limit on how […]

Immigration Issues for the Tech Sector

tech immigration issues

The UK faces a digital skills crisis and as the economy digitises, competition for tech talent will only become fiercer. Whilst industry and government work to create a domestic pipeline of future tech talent, there is an immediate need for skilled labour in the tech sector. Migration, both from Europe and the rest of the […]

Global Mobility Issues for the Tech Sector

tech sector global mobility issues

For both established multinational tech companies and ambitious start-ups alike, one of the critical challenges of achieving growth through international expansion is ensuring the right talent is located in the right place at the right time. Managing a cross-border workforce demands careful handling of complex global mobility issues, and the capability to adapt to changes […]

Employment Law Issues for the Tech Sector

tech employment law issues

2020 is set to bring a number of employment law changes and issues affecting tech sector companies.   Changes to off payroll tax treatment  One of the most significant employment changes relates to tax legislation regulating off-payroll working (commonly known as IR35), which comes into effect on 6 April 2020. These new rules will require […]

HR Issues for the Tech Sector

tech sector HR issues

Now more than ever, HR executives at technology companies can assume the triple role of change agent, trusted advisor, and strategic business partner as they work ever closer with management and functional leaders.   Reshaping the HR function  The next-generation HR function has an essential role to play, replacing traditional leading practices and costcutting approaches […]

Immigration & UK Digital Strategy: The Missing Link?

In its newly published ‘UK Digital Strategy’, the Government has laid out its vision to digitally transform Britain through a long term plan of investment, training, education, and collaboration with the private sector. Amidst the optimism however, there are concerns that the strategy overlooks fundamental issues impacting the UK digital sector – crucially, immigration. The […]

Immigration Skills Charge & Rising Costs of Hiring Skilled Migrant Workers

The latest planned changes to UK immigration rules take effect in April 2017. They bring with them considerable financial implications for employers of skilled workers from outside the EEA, namely those hiring under the Tier 2 route. New Immigration Skills Charge From 6 April 2017 organisations who sponsor Tier 2 migrant workers will have to pay […]

Tech Start-Ups – Hiring from Overseas

If you are a tech start-up, finding the right talent is critical to the future success of your venture. However, according to a recent parliamentary report, ‘Digital Skills Crisis‘, the current domestic market is in short supply of skilled digital workers. This is leading tech businesses to look overseas for personnel with the right skills and experience to fulfil their […]

Avoiding Civil and Criminal Penalties

Now more than ever, employers have to ensure that they carry out the government-prescribed document checks when hiring new employees. Failing to do so exposes employers to high civil penalties and since 12 July 2016, possible criminal prosecution. The statutory excuse The law does not explicitly require employers to perform document checks on all new employees. […]

Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa – A Hidden Gem for Start-Ups

Despite the UK Government’s widespread tightening of immigration policies, the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visa criteria have been relaxed for tech start-ups. Since billion dollar internet companies can theoretically be based anywhere, it’s vital the UK offers an attractive proposition for start-ups. Countries like Australia, Canada and Chile have already recognised the tax revenue on […]