Innovator Visa Endorsement

Securing innovator visa endorsement is the first step in the application process for the UK’s new innovator route for foreign entrepreneurs. Provided you meet the eligibility requirements, you will first need to compile and submit an application to one of the government’s appointed endorsing bodies. We look in more detail at what innovator visa endorsement […]

Innovator Visa Application Advice

uk innovator visa guidance

The Innovator visa application process differs substantially to that of the predecessor route, the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa, and applicants will need to familiarise themselves with the new rules and requirements. The innovator visa is aimed at “experienced” entrepreneurs and business owners. Crucially for applicants, under the new process, assessment of the business idea and […]

Innovator Visa Endorsing Bodies

Innovator visa endorsing bodies The application process for the UK’s new innovator visa is in two stages. First, applicants must apply to and secure endorsement from a Home Office-approved endorsing body. Only then can you progress to the next stage, submitting a visa application to the Home Office for leave to remain or enter under […]

Innovator Visa Requirements (Are You Eligible?)

Innovator Visa Requirements (Am I Eligible?) Understanding the visa requirements is essential for any Home Office application. As a new route into the UK for entrepreneurs, the Innovator Visa has come into force with general guidance on eligibility, but detail still eludes and will undoubtedly come as applications start to be processed. We take a brief look […]

UK Business Visa Options

Which UK business visa? If you’re looking to start up a business in Britain, there are a number of types of UK business visa that may be available to you. Each visa is different, so it’s recommended you take advice on your specific circumstances to ensure you consider all the options relevant to your needs […]

How to Obtain an Entrepreneur Visa for the UK

To set up business in the UK as a foreign national of a non-EEA country, you will need to apply for the relevant entrepreneur visa. Recent rule changes have seen the closure of the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa and the Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur visa route to new applicants, and the introduction of the new […]

Innovator Visa Guidance – The New Route for Entrepreneurs

What is the new Innovator Visa UK?  For individuals looking to pursue their business idea in the UK, we offer some initial Innovator Visa  guidance on the new route for entrepreneurs. What is the Innovator route? The innovator visa is to be aimed at those who can demonstrate relevant experience in business. The key criteria will […]