Improving Global Mobility Efficiency

Global mobility leaders, much like the rest of the business community, are under continued pressure to deliver operational efficiencies and make cost savings. But improving global mobility efficiency translates into benefits beyond cost reductions. Enhanced operational precision and accuracy creates more robust compliance practices, and alleviating demands on mobility professionals’ time enables focus on strategic […]

Mobility Trends and Immigration Compliance Issues

Businesses with global operations are using and adapting different types of mobility to deploy and develop talent, and to tap into global talent pools. But current mobility trends are creating greater compliance issues from an immigration point of view. Talent swaps  One of the fastest emerging modern mobility trends is the talent swap, where employees from different […]

6 steps to passing a Home Office inspection

A Home Office inspection can be a cause of real concern for organisations employing foreign nationals. With so much at stake, it’s business-critical to achieve a pass and avoid the consequences of a fail. But the reality is, as the Government pursues its target of reducing net migration, the likelihood of being subject to a […]

Construction Industry, Operation Magnify and Civil Penalty

In 2015, the government unveiled Operation Magnify, designed to target those suspected of using undocumented migrant workers in three sectors, including construction. The Operation involves contacting Construction firms and asking for them to co-operate and disclose data about their current and previous employees and contractors. Last week, we were contacted by a firm based in […]

Simple Steps to Pass a UKVI Audit

Scientists have discovered that humans make judgements on someone’s trustworthiness within the first 500 milliseconds of hearing their voice. It’s not quite that simple with a UKVI audit, however there’s no doubt that initial impressions can go a very long way to establish your credibility as a responsible and compliant Tier 2 sponsor. And poor initial impressions can […]