UK Business Visa Requirements

business visa requirements

To come to the UK for business, you have to ensure you have the required permission. Of the UK visa options available, you will need to ensure you apply for a route that you are eligible for and which permits you to carry out your planned business activities. In this guide, we outline the main […]

Academic Visitor Visa Guide

academic visitor visa

To visit the UK for academic purposes as an overseas national, you may need an academic visitor visa. Not all visitors to the UK need to apply for a visa, but travelling to Britain without the relevant permission can result in entry being refused. This makes is critical to understand what you need to do to […]

Do EU Citizens Need a UK Visitor Visa?

With reports of surges in the number EU nationals being denied entry to the UK as visitors, we are currently advising EU business travellers and their employers of the importance of being prepared when travelling to the UK as a visitor. Since the end of EU free movement, EU citizens are permitted to visit the […]

Business Travel Compliance Risk (Travelling Employees!)

Business Travel Compliance Risk

International business travellers are the biggest cause of immigration compliance risk for organisations. Although they typically make up the largest proportion of an organisation’s global movement, the reality is, this cohort tends to fall under the radar of internal global mobility policies and programmes, meaning their movements are neither measured, nor monitored nor managed for […]

UK Immigration Rules for Visitors

If you are considering visiting the UK for leisure or tourism, for business purposes, to take part in sports or creative events or for private medical treatment, you will need to know how the UK’s immigration rules apply to you. Below we look at the UK Immigration Rules for visitors, from the type of visa […]

UK Standard Visitor Visa for Short-Term Business Assignments

Employers face a number of challenges when transferring key skilled employees on international assignments from outside the EU to the UK. Against the backdrop of changing and increasingly protectionist UK immigration policy, it is important to select the most appropriate entry route first time. UKVI entry clearance figures show 40% of the 155,000 work visas issued […]

Immigration Business Visitor – Tips for Employers

Immigration Business Visitor Last week, our experts Adam Hoefel & Lizama Thahir took attendees through the Business Visitor Visa category as part of our popular monthly e-learning series. Below, we summarise top tips and learning points from the sessions for all employers and business visitors. Activities in which they can engage – remember that your […]