Define Your Employee Value Proposition

A compelling Employee Value Proposition could provide critical competitive advantage in today’s market for talent as employers across all parts of the economy struggling to fill vacancies and to retain workers.   A powerful and effective employee value proposition (EVP) will help you attract and retain the best talent, enhance employee satisfaction and maximise performance. It […]

Menopause in the Workplace (HR Advice)

Menopause in the workplace

Helping women feel supported in their workplace as they experience the menopause is beneficial both to employees and employers. But following a number of recent tribunal claims against employers for failing to meet their duties, employers are under increasing pressure to ensure they are providing employees experiencing the menopause with adequate support. The changing demographic […]

Pros & Cons of Performance Related Pay

performance related pay

Performance related pay is any form of pay system in which some component of remuneration or salary progression is contingent on performance, either individually or jointly, usually measured against a set of pre-agreed objectives. The following practical guide for employers on implementing performance related pay sets out how this type of salary system works, the […]

Mutuality of Obligation & Worker Status

Mutuality of obligation is an important concept in employment law, as it forms a key part of the criteria used by tribunals for determining the employment status of an individual. Below we examine this concept in more detail, including how this is applied in the context of HMRC’s IR35 off-payroll working rules.   What is […]

Employee Engagement & Organisational Change

10 minute read Last updated: 28th November 2019   Organisational change, by its very nature, can be a source of concern and anxiety for employees. Handled poorly, and change processes can result in reduced morale and productivity, failed change adoption and employee attrition. As part of any planning for organisational change, employers should take proactive […]