How to Support Employees Returning to Work After Stress Leave

With the right support measures in place, employers can help to minimise the impact of stress leave on their employees and on the organisation. The following guide for employers looks at how to support staff returning to work after stress leave, from the statutory duty owed by employers to the practical measures that can be […]

Nurturing Neurodiversity in the Workplace

In today’s fast-changing technological environment, an employer needs to recognise the many strengths of neurodiverse individuals: creativity, innovation, outside-the-box thinking, problem-solving skills, unique perspectives and insights, perseverance and resilience. These qualities can, with effective support and understanding, give businesses a competitive edge. The following guide for employers, line managers and HR personnel examines what is […]

Employee Relations Best Practice Guide

Effective employee relations benefit organisational culture, morale and performance. For employers then, there is value in investing in building and nurturing positive employee relations.   The value of strong employee relations Employee relations are the relationships between employers and employees. These relationships determine how you handle certain situations, for example, issues with pay and benefits, […]

Define Your Employee Value Proposition

A compelling Employee Value Proposition could provide critical competitive advantage in today’s market for talent as employers across all parts of the economy struggling to fill vacancies and to retain workers.   A powerful and effective employee value proposition (EVP) will help you attract and retain the best talent, enhance employee satisfaction and maximise performance. It […]

Pros & Cons of Performance Related Pay

performance related pay

Performance related pay is any form of pay system in which some component of remuneration or salary progression is contingent on performance, either individually or jointly, usually measured against a set of pre-agreed objectives. The following practical guide for employers on implementing performance related pay sets out how this type of salary system works, the […]

Employee Engagement & Organisational Change

10 minute read Last updated: 28th November 2019   Organisational change, by its very nature, can be a source of concern and anxiety for employees. Handled poorly, and change processes can result in reduced morale and productivity, failed change adoption and employee attrition. As part of any planning for organisational change, employers should take proactive […]