Employees Working Abroad (Employer Duties)

8 minute read Last updated: 31st October 2019   As an employer, you have a duty of care towards any of your employees working abroad, which applies to both short-term and long-term assignments. In addition, you are responsible for making the appropriate tax and National Insurance deductions from your employee’s earnings while they are working […]

Overseas Work Permit (How to Get One!)

When looking at how to get an overseas work permit for an employee, there will be a number of factors to consider. This can be daunting for HR and mobility teams, given the highly changeable nature and varied nature of global immigration rules. One of the key requirements when deploying employees overseas on assignment is […]

Mobile Workforce (and How to Safeguard it!)

Whether exploring new business opportunities abroad, meeting up with partners in the supply chain or visiting overseas sites, many workers, as part of a mobile workforce, are required to travel for business purposes. UK-based employers have a duty of care towards their employees, including those travelling or deployed overseas, whether on a commuter or short-term […]

Global Workforce Management: Key Considerations

Global workforce management can pose a range of strategic, logistical and legal challenges for employers as teams and projects span various locations, cultures, time zones, languages and working styles. As organisations strive for business growth through global talent management, we examine some of the areas of risk and opportunity for employers to develop, retain and […]

Mobility Compliance: Global HR Essentials

While employers continue to invest in international talent mobility to deliver organisational objectives and drive competitive advantage, the growing challenge of managing risk and mobility compliance should not be underestimated. Non-compliance with employer duties can result in wasted expenditure, loss of revenue, damage to reputation, decline in employee morale and significant financial penalties. The potential […]

Assignment Management (Overseas Management Risks)

Overseas assignment management is becoming increasingly common as employers move away from permanent relocations in favour of more flexible and less costly solutions to deploy key employees to different regions. Overseas assignments present both opportunities and risks for employers. While the move may be temporary, employees still require support both in terms of the logistics […]

Global Mobility Compliance (The Advantage!)

global mobility compliance

10 minute read Last updated: 24th September 2019 With an effective global mobility programme, your organisation can derive commercial advantage from deploying the right talent to the right location at the right time. But with movement of people across multiple borders comes global mobility compliance risks.   This article covers: Global mobility compliance in a […]

New UKVI charges for overseas visa applications

With effect from 1 June 2017, UKVI is charging for all email communications relating to visa applications made from outside the UK. The charge is in addition to existing application fees and telephone charges. UKVI has now switched the handling of overseas customer enquiries to a new provider, Sitel UK. The Home Office advises the […]

3 Key Triggers of Business Immigration Risk

Employers may be surprised to learn that certain organisational changes can leave them open to breaches in immigration duties. Oversights and poor management of immigration issues can result in problems with retaining your sponsor licence and your ability to hire from overseas, leaving you open to the risk of sponsor licence suspension or at worst, licence revocation. In the current […]

How to Manage Risks of Senior Executive Business Travel

Organisations should not underestimate the immigration compliance risks presented by senior executive business travel. With global business travel spend set to reach $1.6 trillion by 2020, the potential scale of globally-mobile senior executive business travel makes for a compelling case to manage associated immigration compliance risks. Not least because the fall-out of immigration non-compliance can be […]