Managing Risks of Senior Executive Business Travel

senior executive business travel

Senior executive business travel remains a source of compliance risk for multinational employers. The implications of immigration non-compliance can be highly disruptive to an organisation’s operations, as well as being costly and harmful to reputation. Fundamentally, problems arise through the omission or failure by senior executives to alert the necessary internal functions of their travel plans. […]

UK-Based Employees Working Abroad (Employer Duties)

As an employer, you have a duty of care towards any of your employees working abroad, which applies to both short-term and long-term assignments. In addition, you are responsible for making the appropriate tax and National Insurance deductions from your employees’ earnings while they are working overseas. In this guide, we discuss both these responsibilities […]

Enabling International Remote Working

Enabling International Remote Working

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we work. Across the globe, remote working was imposed under local lockdown rules. But as we emerge from the initial pandemic response, will we see a long-term adoption of remote working? As travel restrictions continue to impact business operations and global mobility programmes, could international remote working continue […]

Top 6 Business Travel Risks for Employees

Business Travel Risks

In a globalised market place, sending employees abroad has become an essential part of business. Global mobility policies, designed to manage business travel risks and ensure that a trip runs smoothly, are equally essential. The mechanics of international business travel have become so easy: pack your suit, don’t forget your passport and, before you know […]

Business Travel Compliance Risk (Travelling Employees!)

Business Travel Compliance Risk

International business travellers are the biggest cause of immigration compliance risk for organisations. Although they typically make up the largest proportion of an organisation’s global movement, the reality is, this cohort tends to fall under the radar of internal global mobility policies and programmes, meaning their movements are neither measured, nor monitored nor managed for […]

Managing Mobility Costs and Compliance

Mobility Costs and Compliance

The challenging economic environment has put pressure on businesses to explore new ways of facilitating overseas assignments with reduced mobility costs. Global mobility teams have been tasked with lowering their costs, just as other organisational functions have. But they have to do this while maintaining standards such as immigration compliance, and continuing to derive value […]

Global Mobility Compliance in a Crisis

Deploying personnel overseas carries substantial risk, across a number of areas. If the worst were to happen, and a crisis or disaster were to affect your international workers, how would your organisation respond? Employers operating globally-mobile workforces must be prepared. The safety and well-being of your personnel are paramount. The speed and impact of your […]

How Immigration Compliance can Support Global Mobility

Once a tactical solution to solving skills shortages, global mobility is now integral to successful organisations’ talent and overall business strategies. And it’s not just larger organisations; mid-size companies are relying on overseas assignments and talent mobility, creating an increasingly fluid and highly competitive global landscape. But with the growth of global mobility comes an […]

Immigration Compliance & Reputational Risk

Immigration compliance is an area of reputational risk employers ignore at their peril. We are seeing increasing instances of well-known organisations facing civil and criminal penalties for breaches of their immigration duties. It seems no organisation is too large or too reputable to avoid Home Office scrutiny. All UK employers are required by law to […]

Overseas Work Permit (How to Get One!)

When looking at how to get an overseas work permit for an employee, there will be a number of factors to consider. This can be daunting for HR and mobility teams, given the highly changeable nature and varied nature of global immigration rules. One of the key requirements when deploying employees overseas on assignment is […]