Cross-Culture Management In Virtual Teams

Cross-culture management for remote teams

Managing a business comprised of employees from multiple different cultural backgrounds can be challenging, with considerations on both an individual and organisational level. With remote working across borders now a common feature in the post-pandemic economy, it’s important that employers take a proactive approach to managing cultural differences positively, to enhance workforce cohesion, collaboration and […]

Managing Staff Relocations

staff relocation rights

If you are considering moving your business – whether you are reducing costs, need more space or are merging with another business – you will need to understand the legal implications of staff relocations. This means following a fair process to ensure you are not breaching your employees’ rights. You will need to know whether […]

UK-Based Employees Working Abroad (Employer Duties)

UK-based employees working overseas

As an employer, you have a duty of care towards any of your employees working abroad, which applies to both short-term and long-term assignments. In addition, you are responsible for making the appropriate tax and National Insurance deductions from your employees’ earnings while they are working overseas. In this guide, we discuss both these responsibilities […]

How to Support Repatriating Employees

repatriating employees

Repatriating employees can be challenging and employers overlook the repatriation stage for returning assignees at their peril. High employee attrition rates following overseas assignment are a pervasive risk, preventing organisations from enjoying the full benefits of a relocation assignment. Following overseas assignment, a returning employee can offer an organisation considerably more in respect of enhanced […]

Cultural Awareness & Overseas Assignments

Cultural awareness is a critical success factor when working across borders and cultures. While international assignments can offer organisations the potential to achieve commercial objectives, such as leadership development or enhancing global presence for competitive advantage, the success of any assignment will ultimately be determined by the performance of the individual assignee and their ability […]

Developing a Corporate Immigration Policy

corporate immigration policy

An effective corporate immigration policy can help employers optimise their international recruitment, ensure legal compliance and provide a consistent and positive experience for their migrant workers. With an organisation-wide policy in place, you can help ensure all aspects of corporate immigration risks and responsibilities are assessed, implemented and managed in a way that is both […]

Optimising Value from Virtual Assignments

Over recent years, virtual assignments have seen growth in use due primarily to advancements in technology and to the escalating costs associated with physically deploying and relocating employees overseas to perform roles. While this development had been emerging progressively, the global pandemic of 2020 and resulting travel restrictions and social distancing regulations precipitated a cataclysmic […]

Relocation Policy (What to Include?)

Handled badly, a workplace relocation has the potential to impact morale and productivity, and key personnel may opt to leave the company, creating the additional expense of hiring and training new employees. A clear and comprehensive relocation policy is a powerful tool for ensuring both employers and employees understand their rights and responsibilities in respect […]

Enabling International Remote Working

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we work. Across the globe, remote working was imposed under local lockdown rules. But as we emerge from the initial pandemic response, will we see a long-term adoption of remote working? As travel restrictions continue to impact business operations and global mobility programmes, could international remote working continue […]

Managing International Employees

Operating internationally allows your organisation to gain commercial advantage and pursue new opportunities. But managing international employees brings risks and challenges.   The strategic role of global mobility  On an organisational level, global mobility has developed into complex programmes in support of internal demands and to meet external challenges or obligations. Programmes can now comprise […]