Making an Employment Tribunal Claim

Almost all legal cases about employment are dealt with by an employment tribunal. It decides upon employment disputes between employees and their employers surrounding issues such as unfair dismissal, redundancy, and discrimination. But there are also many other types of employment claim they can deal with. If you have an unresolved issue at work and […]

Make A Flexible Working Request

how to request flexible working

Under the Flexible Working Regulations 2014, any employee meeting the minimum service eligibility criteria who has not made a request in the previous 12 months can request flexible working. The right to request flexible working applies to all employees, not just parents and carers. The provisions only apply to employees who have worked for the […]

TUPE For Employees

If the business you work for changes hands, there are rules in place that protect you from any unfair disadvantage when your employment moves across to your new employer. These are called the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006, or ‘TUPE regulations‘. Under the regulations, your contract of employment, with all its rights […]

Bullied At Work: Your Rights

Being bullied at work, from constant ‘banter’ to discriminatory behaviour, can leave those on the receiving end feeling emotionally distressed and professionally vulnerable. Often, not knowing your rights or where you stand legally can exacerbate the stress and upset caused by bullying, sometimes to the point where you feel you have no choice but to […]

Can You Make An Equal Pay Claim?

equal pay claim

Equal pay law provides a way of ensuring that both men and women receive the same pay and contractual benefits for doing comparable work. The following guide for employees examines the legal basis of equal pay claims, from what these types of claim can include and what you will need to prove, to what you […]

Accused of Gross Misconduct?

accused of misconduct at work

If you are being accused of gross misconduct, you will need to act quickly to understand your options and next steps. We look at some common concerns of employees facing disciplinary action at work.   What is misconduct? Workplace misconduct relates to unacceptable actions and behaviours that justify the employer in taking punitive action against […]

Made Redundant? Your Rights

made redundant

Being made redundant can be a hugely stressful process. By understanding your employment rights in the context of a redundancy situation, this can help to ease some of your practical and financial concerns, from how much notice you should get and what you should be paid, to whether or not you’re being treated fairly by […]

Breach of Employment Contract by Employer

breach of contract by employer

By understanding the nature of your employment contract, together with its constituent parts, this will help you to understand the basis and extent of your employer’s contractual obligations towards you. Below we look at the different types of terms that make up an employment contract — both express and implied — and what steps employees […]

Statutory Employment Payments Changes 2021-2022

Changes have now taken effect relating to statutory employment payments. Employers must ensure they have taken action to ensure compliance, including reviewing and updating policies and documents, and adjusting statutory employment payments in line with the new applicable rates.   Increase in statutory sick pay The weekly rate of statutory sick pay has increased to […]

Unfair Dismissal Claim (Your Rights)

unfair dismissal claims

If you believe your employer has dismissed you unfairly, you may be able to take legal action against them by bringing an unfair dismissal claim for compensation. However, not all employees are eligible to bring such a claim, and strict time limits apply. Below we look at what constitutes an “unfair dismissal”, including the eligibility […]