ACAS Early Conciliation Form (Need Help?)

If a workplace dispute with your employer has escalated and you are considering making a tribunal claim, there are steps you will need to follow before you get to the Employment Tribunal. ACAS rules require a potential claimant to go through the Early Conciliation process before a tribunal claim can be issued. ACAS early conciliation […]

How to Write a Constructive Dismissal Resignation Letter

If you have taken the difficult decision to resign from your job, and you intend to bring a claim for constructive dismissal, you will need to formally notify your employer of your resignation and your reasons for this. Read on for practical employee guidance on how to write a constructive dismissal resignation letter, including key […]

How to Write a Grievance Letter

grievance letter

If you have a work-related complaint, and informal steps have failed to resolve the issue, you may need to write a grievance letter to raise a grievance with your employer. Different employers can operate different procedures for making a grievance, but in most cases this will entail you writing a grievance letter. Below we look […]

Employee or Worker (What Are Your Rights?)

employee or worker

Your legal rights and entitlements at work can differ significantly depending on whether you are classed as an employee or worker. Below we look at the difference between these two particular types of employment status, including how your legal status as either an employee or worker can impact your rights and responsibilities within the workplace, […]

Essential Guide to Employee Rights

16 minute read Last updated: 30th November 2019   By understanding the basic nature of your employee rights and responsibilities within the workplace, not least your contractual and statutory entitlements, this will help you to exercise these rights in the event of any dispute, as well as to meet your own responsibilities to ensure that […]

Victimisation at Work (Help For Employees)

victimisation at work

By law, no individual should suffer unfair or unfavourable treatment in the workplace, such as victimisation. If you believe you are being victimised at work you will need to know your legal rights and what action you can take, which could include seeking compensation from your employer for the unfair treatment you have endured. The […]

Employee Shareholder Status FAQs

15 minute read Last updated: 28th November 2019   An individual’s employment status will help to determine their rights within the workplace, as well as your responsibilities towards them as their employer. Below we look specifically at employee shareholder status, with guidance for employers on what this means and what conditions must be met to […]

What is Garden Leave? (Employee FAQs)

13 minute read Last updated: 8th November 2019   Garden leave, or gardening leave as it is sometimes called, is when an employee is leaving an organisation’s employment but is asked not to attend the workplace or to work their notice. Employees should receive full pay and benefits while on garden leave. Garden leave is […]

Can I Be Dismissed After An Accident At Work?

16 minute read Last updated: 30th November 2019   By law, employees should not be dismissed after an accident at work that left them injured. If, however, you have been injured at work, you may be concerned about your rights to take time off and if there are any implications of making a personal injury […]

Reasonable Adjustments (How to Make a Request)

8 minute read Last updated: 25th October 2019   If you have a disability, your employer is required to make reasonable adjustments in the workplace to accommodate either your physical and/or your mental health condition. This could include changes to policies or working practices, changes to the physical layout of the workplace, or the provision […]