Redundancy Pay: How to Calculate

redundancy pay

Redundancy pay is one of the statutory entitlements for most employees being made redundant. In this guide for employers, we explain how to calculate redundancy pay and the rules on who is entitled.   Right to redundancy pay?   Whilst it’s lawful for an employer to bring an employee’s contract of employment to an end […]

SOSR Dismissal: What Is Some Other Substantial Reason?

sosr dismissal

To dismiss an employee lawfully, employers have to be able to provide a fair reason. There are five potentially fair reasons for dismissal set out under section 98 of the Employment Rights Act 1996. These relate to employee conduct, capability and performance, redundancy, breach of a statutory restriction or Some Other Substantial Reason (SOSR).   […]

Can You Dismiss An Employee On Sick Leave?

Can You Dismiss An Employee On Sick Leave

Employers can lawfully dismiss an employee who is off sick, provided they have a fair reason for dismissal, act reasonably in all the circumstances and follow a fair procedure. The following guide for employers on dismissal due to sickness absence looks at what amounts to potential grounds for dismissal in this context, from conduct to […]

Wrongful Dismissal: Employers’ Guide

wrongful dismissal

Wrongful dismissal is a specific type of claim where an employee is alleging their employer has breached contractual terms when terminating their employment. In this guide, we consider the legal and practical implications of wrongful dismissal claims and the measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of tribunal proceedings.   What is wrongful […]

HR1 Form for Redundancies

hr1 form

When making workforce redundancies, employers have to meet certain legal obligations, depending on factors such as the number of jobs that are at risk and the timeframe within which the redundancies will take place. In some cases, the employer may also be required to provide the Secretary of State advance notice of collective redundancies using […]

Collective Consultation for Redundancies

collective consultation

Making workers redundant can be fraught with legal pitfalls. Employers are under strict obligations to follow specific procedures including, where applicable, collective consultation with affected individuals. This is to help ensure that the redundancy process is fair, providing employee representatives and affected staff with the chance to have their say and make alternative suggestions. In […]

Termination of Employment Letter: What to Include

termination of employment letter

Terminating someone’s employment can be fraught with legal risks for employers, not least where an employee has accrued the right to claim unfair dismissal. As such, it is important to follow a fair dismissal process, including notifying the employee in writing of the reasons for their dismissal and the effective date upon which their employment […]

Termination of Employment (How to Dismiss?)

termination of employment

Employment can come to an end for one of many different reasons. An employee may leave a job through choice by resigning, or they may be retiring, a fixed term contract may be ending or the employer may decide to dismiss the individual. In this guide for employers, we discuss how employment may be terminated and […]

Dismissing an Employee Fairly

dismissing an employee

Dismissing an employee is sometimes unavoidable, either because an individual is behaving badly or underperforming at work, or the business simply cannot afford to maintain its current levels of staff. As an employer, even where you have a clear and legitimate reason for letting someone go, it remains important that you approach any dismissal in […]

Employee Walking Out Of A Job: Guide for Managers

employee walking out of job

Should you consider someone walking out of a job as having resigned? In this guide for employers, we look at how to deal with an employee who has quit their job without giving written confirmation or notice, or who claims to have resigned in the ‘heat of the moment’. We’ll also look at what the […]