Employee Walking Out Of A Job: Guide for Managers

employee walking out of job

Should you consider someone walking out of a job as having resigned? In this guide for employers, we look at how to deal with an employee who has quit their job without giving written confirmation or notice, or who claims to have resigned in the ‘heat of the moment’. We’ll also look at what the […]

Redundancy Notice Period Guide for Employers

redundancy notice period

Employers have to follow specific procedural and legal obligations when making people redundant. This includes giving a minimum period of notice to affected workers. The following guide provides an overview of the rules relating to redundancy notice periods and how to avoid issues in the redundancy process.   Redundancy notice periods If you are making […]

Do Employers Have to Give a Job Reference?

does an employer have to give a reference

There are various do’s and don’ts when it comes to giving a job reference for a former or exiting employee, where it is important for employers to understand their obligations, even after the employment relationship has come to an end. The following practical guide looks at the provision of work references, together with a sample […]

Employee Rights During Probation (HR Guide)

Probation periods at work can be valuable in ensuring the compatibility of a new starter to their new role and organisation, but only if managed correctly. The following guide for HR, managers and employers focuses on employee rights during probation. We look at how to manage probationary periods in the context of employees’ statutory and […]

Minimum Statutory Notice Periods

minimum statutory notice period

Even if you have a valid reason for terminating an employee’s employment contract, you must follow a fair and lawful dismissal procedure. This includes giving an employee any legal notice period or pay-in-lieu-of-notice that they are entitled to. The dismissal process can be complicated legally, requiring careful handling and a thorough understanding of the law. […]

Dismissing an Employee with less than 2 Years’ Service

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When dismissing an employee with less than 2 years service, it will be important for employers to be aware of the potential legal pitfalls. While in most cases of employment under 2 years, the employer does not necessarily need to justify their decision to dismiss, or even follow a fair procedure, there are many reasons […]

Last In First Out (Fair Redundancy?)

last in first out

When making workers redundant, one of the requirements on employers through the redundancy process is to ensure fair selection criteria are used so as to avoid acting unlawfully and risking costly tribunal claims. The ‘last in first out’ approach was once one of the most common ways of selecting employees for redundancy, as an objective and […]

How to Develop a Redundancy Matrix

redundancy matrix

Employers must act fairly and lawfully at each stage of the redundancy process to avoid unfair dismissal claims. The first step, assuming there is a genuine redundancy situation, will be to consult with affected employees. This will entail determining whether there are any viable alternatives to redundancy, such as suitable alternative positions. In the event […]

What Are Fair Reasons For Redundancy?

reasons for redundancy

Redundancy is considered a potentially fair reason for dismissal, provided the contract termination is carried out properly and the employer follows a lawful process. If the redundancy is not genuine, the correct process is not implemented or the reasons for an employee’s redundancy are deemed unfair, the dismissed employee may be able to bring a claim […]

Unfair Dismissal Guide for Employers

unfair dismissal

Most employees have the right to be dismissed fairly. Allegations of unfairness can be directed against employers for a number of reasons, with the grounds for dismissal, the way the decision was reached and the procedure used to bring the contract to an end all being scrutinised in tribunal proceedings. This means employers should approach employment […]