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Brexit Immigration Focus

While Brexit negotiations continue, and the terms of Britain’s departure from Europe debated, UK employers are dealing with uncertainty about the future immigration status of their EU workers.

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Support for Employers

Specialist immigration advice can help UK employers minimise the impact of Brexit on their workforce and operations.

At DavidsonMorris, we offer immigration legal services to help employers safeguard the immigration status of their workforce and mitigate the risks of changes in UK immigration policy as the UK prepares for Brexit.

We are supporting retailers, NHS trusts, education institutions and large corporates on their business immigration needs through services including:

  • Brexit strategy: Expert immigration consultancy for employers on their global mobility and HR strategies in light of Brexit.
  • Business briefings: Bespoke workshops and seminars delivered onsite about the impact of Brexit on your organisation and sector.
  • Updates: Regular articles examining immigration policy and the ongoing impact of Brexit on UK employers’ HR compliance and recruitment practices.
  • Internal HR review: Professional immigration audit of your practices and policies to evaluate how effectively they support your Brexit immigration needs and ensure compliance with your duties.
  • Training: Improve the knowledge of your internal HR and management personnel with focused training on the Brexit impact on your internal policies and procedures.

Support for EEA Nationals 

We are able to advise and support your EEA national workers on the options open to them to secure their right to live, work and stay in Britain:

Support for UK Expats 

If you employ UK nationals based in Europe, we offer advice and support to help secure their rights to reside within other EEA countries.

How we can help you

As specialist immigration solicitors, we are experienced in helping UK employers meet their business immigration needs in response to the challenges of Brexit.

If you have a specific query about Brexit, or for more information about our services, please contact us.

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