B 1 Visa for Business Visitors

The B-1 visa is for business travellers planning short-term visits to the US.​


The B 1 visa allows you to carry out business-related activity within the US during a time-limited visit.

It is used primarily by business travellers who do not qualify for ESTA or visa-free travel to the USA, for example where the intended stay will last for longer than 90 days or if the applicant has a criminal record.


What is a B 1 visa?

Business travellers who are ineligible for visa-free travel under the US Visa Waiver Program can apply to enter the US using a B 1 visa.

When applying, you must evidence you will be participating in permissible business activities of a commercial or professional nature while in the US. The application process requires that you submit supporting documentation to evidence the purpose of your visit. Failure to present a comprehensive and complete application can lead to delays in a decision or even refusal.

The visa permits time-limited entry to the US, and you must leave before visa expiry.

What are the B1 visa rules?

You will only be allowed to carry out certain permissible activities under the B visa. For example, you would not be allowed to undertake paid employment while in the US as a visitor.

You are also not able to bring dependants with you on a B 1 visa. They must apply separately for entry clearance, through ESTA or an appropriate classification of visa.

We can help

Applying for the B 1 visa will require a petition to be made to the local US Consular and you will need to attend a visa interview. For advice and guidance on a B1 visa application, contact us.

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