B 2 Visa for US Tourism

If you're ineligible for visa-free travel to the US, you'll need to apply for the B2 visa to visit the USA for tourism.


The B 2 visa allows travel to the US for tourism, pleasure and medical treatment. To apply, you will need to make an application and attend a visa interview at a local US Consular post.


What is a B 2 visa?

The B 2 visa is a nonimmigrant visitor visa for individuals who want to enter the US temporarily for tourism, pleasure or visiting, and who don’t qualify for visa-free travel under the US Visa Waiver Program.

The success of your application will be dependent on your planned activity, and your ability to evidence to the authorities that you will leave the US at visa expiry.


B2 visa rules

Under the B 2 visa, you are limited to leisure, tourism and medical treatment. If you are intending to carry out business-related activity, you should consider the B 1 visa. For a combination of business and leisure, the B1/B2 would be appropriate.

You are not able to bring dependants with you on your B 2 visa; each individual must apply separately.

The B 2 visa application process requires that you complete an application form and submit supporting documentation, which could include your itinerary, financial documents, and proof of ties to your home country, as well as attending a US consulate for an interview.

Failure to present a comprehensive and complete application can lead to delays and refusal.


Need advice?

Applying for the B 2 visa will require a petition to be made to the local US Consular and you will need to attend a visa interview. For advice and guidance on a B2 visa application, contact us.


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