Anne Morris shares insight into Home Office site visits – what are they looking for?

“During a Home Office inspection, whether announced or unannounced, they will go through their checklist. Part 1 of their checklist will look at all your Tier 2 sponsored migrants and Tier 5 sponsored migrants if you’ve also got a Tier 5 sponsor licence.

“Once they’re satisfied that you’ve complied in full with the Tier 2 and Tier 5 duties they will then look at your list B employees and they’ll want to check that you have conducted your Right to Work checks correctly, and that you’ve filed and retained the documentation as per the guidelines.

“Also part of the Home Office visit, they can ask or they can request to interview sponsored migrants. They can also conduct a site visit, they can look around your premises to see that the information they hold on file is concurrent with your actual business activities.

“Your licence should be like a snapshot of your business all the way through the four years and during the Home Office visit they’ll be checking that the information you gave them maybe four years ago, two years ago or even just last year is still live with information about your business and that it’s all correct.”