What are your duties as a sponsor licence holder? 

Anne Morris summarises the main compliance requirements on sponsor licence holders.

“Once your sponsor licence is in place you’ve got a number of duties which you have to comply with in full over the period of four years that your licence is valid.

“During that period, the Home Office expects you to remain bang up to date on the immigration rules and regulations. It also expects you to have built in processes and systems to meet certain reporting duties, depending on the circumstance of your business, if they change or indeed the circumstances of your sponsored migrants change.

“So once you’ve got a system in place it’s important it’s revisited and to be aware continually of your monitoring and reporting. Over four years the laws change so it’s your duty to be very up to date. Check in with the Home Office. Log into the SMS on a regular basis, even if you don’t employ that many people, just to make sure that you haven’t fallen foul inadvertently.

“A lot of the calls we get from companies facing a problem with their licence are because the licence simply fell off their radar. They weren’t up to date and the problem can escalate.

“You can be suspended or face licence revocation.

“So the key thing is to take action and remain up to date on your licence.”