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UKVI Customer Survey

The UKBA are at last interested in how you rate their service………………hopefully people will take time out to respond and even better if the data collated is used to improve their service.

Dear Partner

UK Visas and Immigration Applicants Research

I am writing to tell you about a new customer satisfaction survey that has been launched by UKVI for customers applying via visit, work, study, family and permanent migration routes, while in the UK.

The survey will include customers using our standard and public enquiry office premium services. The aim of the survey is to find out how well the application process meets customers’ needs and how we can improve in the future. The success of this research depends entirely on the voluntary participation of our customers. Any encouragement that you can provide to your clients, students or employees, to participate in this survey will be very helpful.

Having received a decision on their application, customers will be invited to complete a 10 minute online questionnaire covering elements of our service including :

  • quality of guidance
  • ease of application
  • ease of payment
  • seeking assistance by telephone or email
  • tracking progress of applications
  • speed of service
  • overall experience

A link to the online questionnaire will be included in decision notification letters, along with a QR (quick response) code. All responses will be completely anonymous; it cannot and will not be linked with customers’ applications in any way.

The survey will run continuously, to capture regular feedback about the experience of our customers.

From December, the survey will also be available to customers who have made applications to UKVI from overseas. This research does not include intermediaries (sponsors, representatives, etc), asylum applicants or cases dealt with by Immigration Enforcement.

Thank you in anticipation for your help.


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