What are the different types of Certificate of Sponsorship?

Anne Morris explains the difference between the restricted and unrestricted certificates of sponsorship.

“Once your organisation has got a sponsor licence in place you can then onboard new employees as and when you need to – depending on the skillset and looking at your recruitment drive for the year.

“There are two types of certificate of sponsorship. One is called a restricted certificate of sponsorship and one is called an unrestricted certificate of sponsorship.

“Restricted certificates of sponsorship are for those employees who are based abroad and who wish to relocate to the UK to join your organisation.

“An unrestricted certificate of sponsorship is for individuals who are already based in the UK. They could already be here on another Tier 2 visa, working for another company, or they can be a Tier 4 visa holder – they could be a student in the UK and you can switch them from being on a student visa onto a Tier 2 visa.”