Tier 1 entrepreneur visa extension telephone consultation

Extension applications are document-intensive and expensive. If refused, you will lose your application fee and you may be required to leave the UK.

If you have questions about extending your Tier 1 entrepreneur visa, book a fixed-fee telephone consultation with one of our specialist UK immigration advisers.

A detailed consultation based on your individual circumstances

Book a Tier 1 entrepreneur visa extension telephone consultation and discuss your queries in detail with an immigration lawyer. You will have the opportunity to ask questions such as:

Are you eligible for an extension?

  • Have you created at least two full-time jobs in the UK?
  • What are your business activities?
  • How much have you invested?
  • If there is a shortfall against the visa investment threshold, when will you invest the remainder?
  • Are you registered with HMRC for tax and NI?
  • Have you been absent from the UK? 
  • Do you have family members to include?

How do you make an application?

  • When and where to submit your application?
  • Will you be interviewed?
  • How long is visa processing?
  • Can processing be expedited?
  • What does the application cost?
  • Common application errors to avoid.
  • Can you travel during processing? 
  • Can you appeal a refusal?
  • How to apply for a BRP?

What documents will you need to submit?

  • What information will the Home Office review regarding your finances?
  • Are your business accounts ready to be submitted to the Home Office?
  • What do you need to show for your UK accommodation?
  • Do you need to submit your passport?
  • Which documents need to be originals?
  • How should you present any criminal convictions?
  • What documents will you need for your next visa extension?