Registering your child as British

If your child was born outside of the UK, you may be eligible to apply to register your child as a British citizen.

Ask about eligibility and the application process by booking a fixed-fee telephone consultation with one of our specialist UK immigration advisers.

A detailed consultation based on your individual circumstances

Book a British citizenship telephone consultation and discuss your child’s application in detail with an immigration lawyer. You will have the opportunity to ask questions such as:

Is your child eligible for British citizenship?

  • Where was the child born and what is their current nationality?
  • What is the mother’s nationality and place of birth?
  • What is the father’s nationality and place of birth?
  • How long have the parents lived outside the UK?
  • How long did the parent(s) live in the UK?

How do you apply to register your child?

  • Which documents will you need to submit?
  • Which documents must be in original form, and which can be certified copies?
  • Where do you submit the application?
  • How much do applications cost?
  • Will there be an interview?
  • How long are applications taking to process?
  • Is faster processing available? 
  • Common errors to avoid when completing the form. 
  • When can you apply for a British passport?