Pre settled status
telephone consultation

If you have questions about pre settled status, why not book a fixed-fee telephone consultation with one of our specialist UK immigration advisers.

A detailed consultation based on your individual circumstances

Book a pre settled status telephone consultation and discuss your queries in detail with an immigration lawyer. You will have the opportunity to ask questions such as:

Are you eligible for pre settled status?

  • Have you lived in the UK long enough to qualify? 
  • Do you have any absences from the UK that could affect your eligibility?
  • Are you eligible if you have a criminal conviction?
  • Which of your family members are eligible as dependants?
  • What are the pros and cons of holding pre settled status for your circumstances?

How do you apply?

  • Common errors to avoid when completing the form. 
  • How to include dependants in your application.
  • Can you apply from outside the UK?
  • How long do applications take to process? 
  • Is faster processing available? 
  • How much is it to apply?

What documents will you need to submit?

  • How can you prove your UK residence?
  • Which documents need to be originals?
  • What HMRC information will the Home Office check?
  • If you have a criminal conviction, what documents will you need to provide?

What happens next?

  • If your application is refused, can you appeal?
  • If your application is successful, what will you get to show your status?
  • Do you have to inform your country of origin?
  • When can you apply for full settled status?