Can You Ask Staff to Work Weekends?

It is not uncommon for employers to ask employees to work weekends, including Sundays, especially in the retail and hospitality industries. However, there are certain rules and restrictions that must be taken into account, including those on Sunday working and the ‘working time’ rules. The following guide for employers looks at working weekend laws in […]

Paternity Leave & Pay Rules

Employers have to meet a number of legal responsibilities when an employee is on paternity leave. We look at what employers should do to support their employees while ensuring compliance with the rules on paternity in the workplace.   Employee paternity rights  Where an employee is expecting a baby and will have paternal responsibility for […]

Statutory Guarantee Pay Rates 2024

statutory guarantee pay

Although temporary layoffs are only likely to be used by employers as a last resort right if their business is facing reduced demand, they remain a viable alternative to redundancy. However, there can be risks associated with laying off staff. There is also typically a legal obligation to pay employees a minimum amount of money […]

Can Employers Refuse Parental Leave?

As an employer you are legally bound to consider any request for parental leave made by an eligible employee, and undoubtedly will want to encourage a healthy work/life balance, although equally you will need to ensure that any such request does not significantly interfere with the running of your business. The following guide for employers […]