Who is responsible for sponsor licence compliance?

Jemima Johnstone looks at who in your organisation has responsibility for immigration compliance.

“So who in your organisation will be responsible ultimately for immigration compliance?

“As part of the sponsor licence application process you need to nominate somebody as what’s called your ‘authorizing officer’ and that’s who the Home Office will consider ultimately responsible.

“They need to be either an employee or an office holder of the company, so a director for example or trustee.

“They need to have an overview and understanding of your recruitment systems and processes, but they don’t necessarily need to be the person who’s doing that on a day to day basis.

“You can also nominate people as ‘level 1’ users and they will be the ones who carry out immigration activities. The authorizing officer is presumed to have oversight of them to understand what they’re doing and ultimately to have the final sign-off on immigration matters.”