Jemima Johnstone provides an overview of the sponsor licence renewal process.

“What is the process for renewing your sponsor licence? Fundamentally it’s about submitting a request to renew via the online sponsorship management system and paying a fee for a new licence for four years.

“But critically before you do that you need to make sure that you are fully compliant. That’s both in terms of the information that the Home Office hold about your licence – branch addresses, contact details for your key personnel, details of your overseas entities if you have an intra company transfer licence – and also compliant in terms of the paperwork you hold for your sponsored migrants and reports you have to submit about changes to their duties or to their salaries.

“If you’ve kept up to date with all of that, you should be ready to submit very rapidly. If you haven’t, this is the key opportunity to make sure everything is up to date before the renewal request is submitted because the Home Office may very well come to visit you after you submit the request and they will be looking for compliance in all of those areas.”