How long does the sponsor licence application process take?

Jemima Johnstone considers how long a company should expect a sponsor licence application to take.

“So how long does the licence application take from start to finish?

“In terms of putting the application together, it’s pretty much a case of how quickly you can gather the information and the evidence you need.

“If you require a resident labour market test, which will be the case for a lot of applications, that means you need to post for a minimum of 28 days. That’s really the first thing you need to do. And we can then be working on the licence application once that’s up and running.

“Once the application is in, it’s then in the hands of the Home Office.

“If they decide your application is low risk and they can assess just based on the paperwork and the electronic forms you submit, you’re looking at about three weeks for them to make a decision.

“If they decide they need to come out and visit you to find out more and make a more in-depth assessment, that visit will normally happen around four to six weeks after you apply and then they’ll make a decision within one to two weeks.

“So you are then looking at a processing time of between five and eight weeks in total.”