Jemima Johnstone shares insight into why sponsor licence applications often fail.

“So what are the main reasons that sponsor licence applications fail?

“The most straightforward reason is that people don’t send all of the information and documentation that’s required. It’s set out in detail in something called Appendix 1, which is quite detailed and the requirements are very specific. You need to follow them to the letter.

“Secondly, is that the documentation that is submitted has to be in original format. And again there are very specific requirements and rules as to what counts as an original document and what doesn’t, particularly when it comes to electronic documentation.

“Those are perhaps the most straightforward reasons. The more complex all relate to the issue of genuineness and demonstrating to the Home Office why you need a sponsor licence and that you cannot find a suitable resident worker.

“Some of this relates to carrying out a proper resident labour market test. Others is really putting a compelling argument forward. You need to give the Home Office a reason that they understand. They don’t know your sector and they don’t know your business. You have that information. You need to persuade them that you have a genuine need.”