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Right to Work Check Reminders

As you will be aware from news and separate entries we have shared with you in previous months, a number of changes came into effect as regards Right to Work Checks and compliance as of May 2014. As a refresher, below a brief round up summary. For further information, or to discuss how this impacts you and your immigration compliance, contact us at any time on 020 7494 0118 or 01224 826 573.



  • List A employees – there is a list of new documents which employers need to retain for UK and EEA nationals who enjoy freedom of movement rights and are exempt from any immigration controls
  • List B employees – the Home Office has no introduced two categories: List B Group 1 and List B Group 2, each with different documentation verification requirements and processes
  • TUPE Transfers – the time in which an employer must verify the Right to Work status of TUPE employees has been increased from 28 to 60 days
  • Current vs. Expired Passport – this is a particularly important change: Under previous rules and employer could accept a visa contained in an expired document as proof of an applicant’s or employer’s right to work in the UK. The new rules state that the visa must now be contained in a current valid passport for it to be compliant and acceptable.
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