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Immigration keeps us young

There are the young at heart, the old souls, and the timeless. Age may be just a number … but we are growing old! And we need immigration to keep us young, adding a spring in the nation’s step. No, it is not a lunatic rant to spite any of the latest anti-immigration agendas; it is in fact a statement backed by proper research.

“The EU and UK “need” immigration to tackle the “millstone” problem of an ageing population, according to a leading expert in international relations.”

“Dr Robin Niblett, the director of agenda-setting think-tank Chatham House, said that significant net migration is necessary to keep worker-dependency ratios across the EU at their 2020 levels. Europe, the UK included, faces the “profound structural challenge” of almost half its population (48.5%) being aged 50 or over by 2050, according to Eurostat.”

“Spain absorbed four million immigrants between 2000 and 2005, which Niblett said “saved it from bankruptcy”.

So, next time you ask yourself whether immigration is good or bad, keep in mind our aging population. Or better said in the words of Simon & Garfunkel: “Season’s change with the scenery, weaving time in a tapestry, won’t you stop and remember me … at any convenient time”

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