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Immigration Consultancy

Our immigration consultancy service supports businesses in operating globally-mobile, multi-national workforces, but this carries a number of legal duties which employers must comply with to avoid Home Office penalties. 

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What do employers have to do? 

It is essential for UK businesses to ensure that their HR systems and processes are compliant with their immigration duties; from the recruitment stage, through to onboarding and ongoing personnel management. 

For example, if you do not seek the proper permission to employ workers from overseas, as well as undertake all prescribed documentation checks, you are liable for fines of up to £20,000 per worker and, in some cases, even imprisonment.

If you are a sponsor licence holder, failure to meet your licence duties is increasingly resulting in sponsor licence suspensions and revocations. 

What we can do to help

DavidsonMorris has many years of experience working with large global and international organisations whose primary objectives are increasing global mobility, compliance, statutory defence, reputational protection, streamlining and cost reduction.

As a team of immigration lawyers and former Home Office employees, we have an established reputation for conducting immigration audits and advising employers on compliance with their duties.

We become part of your team, available to provide complete immigration support and value based guidance to support all of your organisational goals including:

  • Strategic global migration planning – Global businesses require a global strategy, which supports its people to move freely across borders. Our comprehensive and up-to-the-minute knowledge of immigration laws gives us the ability to provide and develop strategic global migration planning and strategies that are aligned to your overall business and human capital strategy.
  • Immigration audit and compliance – Providing you with assurance that your immigration and Right to Work matters are controlled to a high standard using analytical and information technology-assisted techniques so that assurance is obtained for you in an effective and efficient manner. We also provide policy advice, feedback on written policies and interpretation of home office guidance.
  • Immigration process improvement – Working alongside you to refine and streamline your immigration program we can assist you in achieving maximum efficiencies and seek to reduce your costs.
  • In-house immigration development – Working alongside you we can support the aims of your organisation’s learning and development programmes by devising and delivering schemes for the professional development of support staff involved in immigration.

Do you need immigration consultancy?

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Why choose DavidsonMorris?

We are a team of immigration lawyers and former Home Office employees, with an established reputation for supporting employers and HR professionals on all aspects of immigration including immigration consultancy.

We are highly experienced in all the document and evidentiary requirements vital to a prompt and stress-free immigration consultancy.

Immigration Audit Articles


Before a UK company can employ a foreign worker, they must first apply for a sponsor licence, and then assign a Certificate of Sponsorship for the applicant to apply for their Tier 2 visa.

The Home Office uses the sponsor licence application process to ensure your organisation is genuine in its need and motivation to hire from overseas. Here are some key sponsor licence guidance tips for employers looking to make a sponsor licence application.

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What are the immigration compliance risks employers need to navigate?

Seek advice to ensure your HR & immigration practices and processes are compliant.

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We can also help with:


Sponsor licence holders must meet a number of duties on an ongoing basis, requiring HR systems and processes to support compliance.

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Legal advice across all aspects of business immigration in support of efficient and competitive global mobility programmes.

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Immigration audit helps as part of your sponsor licence application or renewal preparation to you meet the duties of a sponsor licence holder.

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You should expect to receive a Home Office visit as part of a sponsor licence renewal. They can be daunting, making early preparation essential.

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For your organisation to hire skilled migrant workers, you must first apply to the Home Office for a sponsor licence.

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After 4 years, you will be required to apply to renew your sponsor licence, when your HR systems and processes will be scrutinised by the Home Office.

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