How does the Home Office Monitor Sponsor Licence Holders?

How does the Home Office monitor sponsor licence holders? 

Anne Morris looks at the strategies employed by the Home Office to check up on sponsor licence compliance.

“The Home Office has a number of methods which they use to monitor you and your business, to check you are in full compliance with their legislation and their requirements.

“This includes unannounced or pre-announced visits by the Home Office. They now have more resources to be able to come out to you and you need to be have processes in place of how you’re going to respond to a site inspection.

“They can also now cross-reference all the data that you submit to HMRC with Home Office records.

“Unfortunately you might have a disgruntled employee who can give credible evidence to the Home Office about how your organisation is or is not operating.

“And again you need to be checking that you are in full compliance, regularly engaging with your licence and checking also that you have kept up to date because the Home Office are fully expecting you to do so over the four years of your licence.”

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