Anne Morris explains why it’s in an employer’s interest to support Tier 2 applicants through the Home Office application process.

“As an employer we would highly recommend that you assist onboarding new employees and helping them with their visa applications, as they can be complex and paper-heavy and a lot of the employees make mistakes. So it’s in your interest to assist.

“If you have somebody who is coming to you and they’re a Tier 4 visa holder i.e. they’re currently a student in the UK and you wish to onboard them as a Tier 2 visa holder, we recommend that you assist them with the whole process.

“Part 1 is you issuing the certificate of sponsorship to them, but part 2 they have to make a physical application to the Home Office to change their visa status. And as I’ve already said there is an awful lot of paperwork involved. So it’s good for you to assist them, a hand-holding exercise, bit of a team effort to make sure everything is submitted to the Home Office in a timely manner, the correct payment is made, the original documentation submitted, because if they make a mistake it really impacts on your recruitment and therefore you don’t have them starting at the time or place you wanted.”