Webinar: Immigration Q&A

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Immigration Q&A

This is the final webinar in this series and we’re having a general Q&A session. Feel free to send us your questions in advance or dial into the live session and quiz our experts.

Hot topics from the last Q& A session included:

  • Can we fire someone we are sponsoring
  • Do we have to support an applicant’s dependents
  • What do we do if a project finishes earlier than anticipated and the employee does not wish to return home
  • Can a Turkish national work for us without a Tier 2 visa
  • Our Authorising Officer left 2 years ago and we haven’t updated the SMS system
  • Who should be responsible for paying the Health Surcharge

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Our webinars will re-commence on Tuesday 10thSeptember. If there are any particular topics you would like us to cover, feel free to send in your ideas.