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Working Under Protest (HR Guide)

A ‘working under protest’ scenario will often arise where an employee has lodged a formal grievance within the workplace following a contractual change to their pay or other terms, whilst

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Employee Signed Off Work with Stress?

Stress-related sickness absence has become increasingly prevalent in the workplace. Employers face a balancing act between supporting their employees’ wellbeing while minimising the risk of operational disruption and impact on

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Employment Law Changes April 2020

The following changes in UK employment law will be taking effect from April 2020. Employers are advised to take action now to ensure compliance and adjust processes and policies in

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COT3 Agreement (Settlement FAQs)

A COT3 agreement sets out the terms of a settlement agreement between an employer and employee. The COT3 forms part of the ACAS early conciliation process, intended to help resolve

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Overtime Pay & Rules (Employers’ Guide)

Calculating overtime pay and holiday entitlement can quickly become complicated for employers. This overtime pay guide will help you understand employees’ rights and your obligations relating to UK overtime laws.

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