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Racial Discrimination at Work (HR Help)

Being an equal opportunities employer means taking positive steps to prevent all forms of discrimination, including race discrimination. Below we examine the issue of racial discrimination at work, from what

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How Many Hours is Full Time?

Determining how many hours is full time can be important for both employees and employers to help determine their respective rights and responsibilities at work. The following guide looks at

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HR1 Form: Redundancy Notification

If your organisation has to make more than 20 people redundant, the Secretary of State must be notified of this intention. Failure to do so without justification may result in prosecution

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Workplace Policies (Advice for HR)

As an employer, it is important to have workplace policies and procedures in place that cover a range of operational and behavioural aspects of the organisation. This provides clarity and

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Dismissing an Employee Fairly

Dismissing an employee is sometimes unavoidable, either because an individual is behaving badly or underperforming at work, or the business simply cannot afford to maintain its current levels of staff.

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Bringing an Equal Pay Claim

The law is clear that all employees should receive equal pay for equal work. If you are receiving less pay than someone of the opposite sex who is doing the

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