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Dealing with Gross Misconduct

Gross misconduct refers to conduct, actions or behaviour from an employee that is sufficiently serious to justify instant dismissal. Responding to allegations of gross misconduct and taking disciplinary action against

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What Constitutes Gross Misconduct?

What constitutes gross misconduct in the workplace is a common question and it refers to serious behaviour or conduct by an employee that falls below the expected standards and damages

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Settlement Agreement

If you have been asked to sign a settlement agreement at work, take a look at our frequently asked questions to understand your rights.  What is a settlement agreement? A

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Sickness Absence (Employee FAQs)

What are your employment rights while off work due to sickness absence? Statutory Sick Pay is an entitlement for qualifying employees who are off work due to sickness. Many employers

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Constructive Dismissal – FAQs

Constructive dismissal is where an employer has committed a sufficiently serious breach of contract that the employee’s only option is to resign in response to the employer’s conduct or treatment.

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Unlawful Deduction of Wages

Can you claim for unlawful deduction of wages? What is unlawful deduction of wages? Unlawful deduction of wages relates to underpayment or non-payment of an employee’s wage or salary. Employees

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Employment Discrimination

The law offers wide-ranging protections to employees to deter and prevent employment discrimination and support fairness and equality in the workplace. What are the different types of discrimination? The Equality

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Change of Employment Contract

A change of employment contract can raise significant concerns with employees. In most cases, your employer cannot lawfully change your contract terms without first having your agreement, unless your contract

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Raising a Grievance at Work

What is the process for raising a grievance at work? Grievances are complaints raised by an employee to their employer through a formal process. Employees can raise a grievance at

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