What are the Main Compliance Challenges for Employers?

What are the main compliance challenges for employers?

Anne Morris summarises the immigration compliance difficulties facing HR teams and employers:

“From our experience we’ve noticed that companies who employ fewer than 50 employees have different problems and headaches when complying with immigration laws. The larger organisations usually have quite good HR systems in place.

“What we’ve noticed is that the HR team – if it’s a team at all – will be tasked with many duties within the business, and immigration is just one of those duties.

“People come and go within a business so the person who was responsible for drafting the licence four years ago may not be around. A new person coming into the business might not have easy access to the information that was submitted.

“It’s also really difficult if you’re working in a small business because you wear so many hats. It’s a challenge to be able to keep abreast of all the changes to the immigration rules and it’s absolutely crucial that you do so because the Home Office fine, if they come to find you for a breach, starts at £20,000 and you’ve got enough on your plate to be dealing with.”

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