Tier 4 Student Appeal Update

Tier 4 Student Appeal Update They say there are only two certainties in life; taxes and death. We’d like to add two more; that statement of changes in immigration rules happen twice a year, May and October. Think of it as the Easter and Christmas of immigration but not much like either! Unless, one really […]

International Student Arrival Guide

International Student Arrival Guide Below are 10 Top Tips from Phil Duffy, the Chief Operating Officer at the Immigration Border Force. Phil wrote to us about students arriving in the UK and what they can do to ensure they pass through border control without any problems. As we continue to improve our service and the […]

Application Suspension – Steps to take as a Sponsor Institution and as a Student

Please be advised that the Home Office has just communicated that UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) has suspended consideration of all applications to remain in the UK for those migrants who sat an English Test administered by the ill-fated English Testing Service. Below full details of process and what Sponsors alongside applicants need to be […]

Tier 1 closed to new applicants

UKBA have issued the new provisions under Tier 2 (General) for graduates who would previously have been eligible under Tier 1(Post Study Work). Tier 2 (General) will be open to recent graduates with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, PhD, or a PGCE or PGDE, from a UK recognised or listed body. As per the normal […]