Apply for British Citizenship with Settled Status?

One of the common questions we are asked by EU citizens living in the UK is “Can I Apply for British Citizenship with Settled Status?”. Put very simply, it is possible where the applicant is eligible and they can provide robust evidence they meet the various stringent requirements for naturalisation – including the strict residency […]

Settled Status in the UK – FAQs

Changes to the UK immigration rules now require EU citizens and their family members to secure their long-term status in the UK by applying for settled status. The EU settlement scheme is now open to eligible EU citizens. We look at some of the frequently asked questions on the new settled status scheme. When do […]

Settled Status (EU Citizens in the UK Post-Brexit!)

The EU Settlement Scheme is now open to all eligible applicants. Importantly, settled status will not be granted automatically, it must be applied for.  There is no fee to make an application for settled status. Read our settled status FAQs for EU citizens in the UK > The following post was first published in December […]