Entrepreneur Visa UK and Foreign Investment

Something London should be proud of: our unfaltering ability to attract record levels of lucrative business from overseas. As reported last week, for a few years now, it is no doubt that London is one of the best international trading cities in the world, far ahead of countries such as France, UAE and Singapore. As […]

Tier 1 Entrepreneur guidance

This blog post provides Tier 1 Entrepreneur Guidance. The Tier 1 Entrepreneur allows non-EEA nationals to invest in the UK by establishing or taking over, and being actively involved in the running of a business or businesses in the UK. Eligibility Requirements You can apply under the Entrepreneur category if you: Have access and intend […]

Tier 1 Entrepreneur Switching – No more from Tier 4

This is a blog post about Tier 1 Entrepreneur Switching. As of 10th July it is no longer possible to switch from a Tier 4 (General) to a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa. The Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) category is for those who wish to establish a genuine business which will generate jobs in the UK. The […]

Foreign Executives Get ‘Great Club Visa’

Great Club Visa At last we are finally opening the door and putting out the welcome mat to those who bring economic benefit to the UK. Below is the article in today’s BBC. Foreign business executives with “strong links” to the UK will get help to expedite their visa applications under a new Home Office […]

Relaxed – Visa for Chinese to UK

Relaxed – Visa for Chinese to UK Visa rules for Chinese coming to the UK are to be relaxed George Osborne: “We are two great trading nations, with a shared interest in keeping the trade routes of the world open and free”. Visa applications for Chinese visitors entering the UK will be simplified, Chancellor George […]

London Visa

Boris Johnson is in talks with the Home Office over setting up a “London visa” to attract business talent to the capital reports Pippa Crerar in tonights Evening Standard. The Mayor’s office has submitted plans to Theresa May’s department for a yearly allocation of 100 “exceptional talent” visas. The Home Office currently issues 1,000 such […]

Tier 1 Entrepreneur Genuine Test

Below is an email received from UKBA regarding the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Genuine Test We have submitted numerous entrepreneur applications and completely disagree that the applications are bogus. For those not familiar with the Tier 1 Entrepreneur route, an applicant has to invest £200, 000 in a business, run the business, employ 2 members of staff, […]