Global Assignment Best Practice

When planning and preparing for a global assignment, there are numerous factors that have the potential to contribute to its overall success, with benefits both for your business and for the assignee. The following guide looks at best practice for employers when deploying personnel overseas, from the employee experience to the flexibility of different types […]

Moving out of the Country Checklist

Corporate relocations are administratively and logistically demanding for employers. They also demand significant investment, resulting in growing expectations of return and organisational value. Effective management of the relocation process will be critical to facilitate success of the move, enabling the employee to hit the ground running professionally and help to settle their family into the […]

Corporate Relocation (Best Practice Guide!)

Many companies from large multinationals to entrepreneurial businesses are choosing to embark on a process of corporate relocation by relocating part or all of their operations to new regions. There are significant potential benefits to relocating abroad – access to markets, simplified compliance and cost savings are cited as key advantages. While there are a […]

Visa Requirements for UK Citizens

What are the visa requirements for UK Citizens travelling abroad? The British passport is often referred to as one of the most powerful in the world, with British citizens able to benefit from visa-free travel to 186 countries across the globe (as at 2018), third only to Japanese citizens who can travel to a record […]